May 5, 2014

05-05-14 Lesson Learned


This week Kampoy and I have been working hard. We got up at 6:30 every day and studied and did everything as stated in the handbooks. Some results but overall just another week. There was one super cool spiritual experience I wanted to share.

So when Kampoy first came to work with me, I had the thought - "You need to go see Daniel". Daniel is an English speaker who is an awesome member. The missionaries love him and he is completely dedicated to the gospel. I rationalized and pushed the thought away. I thought "Daniel is an awesome member who doesn’t need our teachings. And plus Kampoy can meet him at church. I’m sure I don’t need to go see him." And it was left at that, Kampoy and I worked last transfer without seeing him.

Now fast-forward to present day. Kampoy was praying at dinner on Thursday and the thought entered again into my head, "You ignored the prompting to go see Daniel 6 weeks ago. You need to go see him tomorrow!" It was such a strong impression and with it came the realization that I hadn’t seen Daniel at church for a month! The next day I penciled him in for 3pm. In the sector that day (Friday) Kampoy asked "Why are we going all the way out there today, we have no one to see out there?" I explained the prompting and he agreed to go. When the time came we left for Daniel's. Walking the road to his house I was anxious to arrive and see Daniel - I wanted to know why I had such an impression the night before. When we got to Daniel's house, a picture of him was set up outside the gate. (in Africa that means someone died). We entered the house and found his family, but not Daniel. He had passed away 2 am that very morning! We spoke with the family and informed the Branch president. I walked away very regretful that I hadn’t listened to the prompting the first time.

I don’t think I have ever had a prompting so clear and precise as that one. Not even when I prayed to know which college to attend or if I should serve a mission - that prompting was so clear and strong! If another prompting like that ever comes again I don’t want to wait to act. This week that is the only big story I have to tell. But I'll add my testimony that God hears and answers prayers. And that he speaks to us today through the spirit. I encourage you guys to act on promptings you get.

The story however doesn’t end there. Sunday half the branch went to Daniels house where we sang songs and gave a spiritual thought. It was fantastic to see the members actually participate. Because Daniel spoke English, the Anglophones in the branch stood up and bore testimony that Daniel is alright. One member stood and boldly said, "Daniel had all the ordinances necessary to be saved - for the members of this church, the loss of Daniel is not really a loss at all. We know he is alright!"

Next Sunday I should be skyping with you guys, which I am pumped about! So prepare some awesome questions and stuff : ) I love you guys! Have a rockin' week - I will actually talk to you soon!!