Apr 7, 2014

04-07-14 Monkey Play

So first off don’t worry I’m not depressed or sad. Even though I miss home I am having a blast as I think the photos show!

I’m impressed and happy to hear about your indexing efforts! That’s awesome that you are preparing for a temple trip with family names. Let me know if you find any crazy things while searching our ancestry.

Sadly, I believe the penguins are in South Africa, but I'll try and steal a baby lion from the zoo. Speaking of which, I just went there today with Kampoy. We were laying on our beds relaxing when I proposed that we go search for this "mystery zoo" that no missionary has ever went to for some reason. He agreed and 10 minutes later we were there!!  Happily, the gate was open and no one there so we got a free zoo trip today. Mostly it was just filled with monkeys, a lot, but there were 3 lions and we got to see them being fed. Now, this zoo is not like Denver's zoo. To explain, imagine Jurassic Park…...okay, now just put monkeys in place of dinosaurs :)  All the fences were electrical, good idea, but they didn’t have roofs so the monkeys literally jumped out and wandered around. That is a little bit about our fun P-day adventure.

Lessons for the week were normal in honesty. Nothing too crazy on that note. Daniel and Desmend are two investigators being baptized this week which will be awesome. I'll explain more about them next week.

As with President Cook, he was really busy so our meeting with him was only for a few hours. Because we don’t have a senior couple, they stayed in a Hotel downtown. They invited us for breakfast on Wednesday, which was cool. Then we had a quick conference. Later he did interviews. Honestly he only had 5 minutes so we didn’t have time to talk a lot. He’ll be back on April 17, so I’ll get another chance to talk with him then. I will let you guys know what happens again when he comes and we actually talk.

This week was pretty plain, or at least I can’t remember anything right now. Sorry, I guess my mind is kinda all over the place still. Kampoy and I will be busy preparing for a baptism and a missionary activity this week, so I hope all goes well. We get transfer information next Monday as well. Kampoy could go back to Kinshasa - we just don’t know. He is from Lumubashi DRC and his family lives there also. His parents and 4 of the 9 children are members. He is the second missionary from his house. He is such a cool dude!!

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