Sep 22, 2013

09/16/2013 Happy As A Clam!

I was not transferred – I’m staying in the Pointe Noire branch!  But I’ll be receiving a new companion from Cameroon –Elder  Lundberg.  I am very excited to work with him. I’ll have to be the leader around the area since I know where everyone lives.  Luckily he speaks French very well.  So watch out Pointe Noire it's Johnson and Lundberg now!  haha   Elder Baker will remain in Pointe Noire and have a new companion also. 
Happy early Birthday to dad!!  I have it written in my planner so I won’t forget.  Thanks for teaching me to work hard and always put in my very best. It helps so much on a mission to have that mentality - so thanks dad for all you do not only for me but also the family! I love you!
We are teaching a lot of families now.  We have 3 new families we are teaching.  One is legally married and  another is from Ghana!! We also found a Code de la Famille, and so we have been studying that like crazy. Sadly - we are finding that the laws are actually really good.  It’s just that no one keeps the laws and there is no way to enforce them. We might need a miracle on this one, but we are still studying and trying to come up with solutions to the DOT. Missionary work is truly a family affair (it includes both you at home and here in Africa)
We have 4 baptisms this week which is getting us excited. So to answer your questions, although Pointe Noire is a coastal city - the sea is used for oil drilling. It’s full of massive cargo ships and oil rigs. The thing is that food is not un-findable but it’s just very plain and lacks nutrition. For example, manioc, it’s just flour and roots but is filling. i don’t really know the solution to the social problems here in Africa, but it seems like the Gospel helps! (thank Ferious for offering to send his fishing poles, that was kind)
i am trying to send pictures today so this will be all for now. We are doing well and I am as happy as a clam here!
Elder Johnson

Sorry - pictures didn’t load and I will try to start making my emails more spiritual. After all, a mission is full of spiritual insights that could help with everyone at home.  Love you and everyone at home.  Please make sure everyone knows I appreciate the prayers and emails!


Julius Johnson