Aug 15, 2013

08-12-13 The "Mbota" is on Fire!

Happy 19th  Birthday  to Julius on Sunday August  11th!

This has been a crazy week again.  But, it’s a good thing we have had plenty of “fruits from our labor”.  I recently wrote that our sector was on fire, which it is, but to continue the analogy - maybe the fire became a bit of a wild fire, and thus we have been working super hard this week. 

First story, an investigator I absolutely love, Urlion was told by his grandfather that he could not meet with us anymore.  So, we stopped by and spoke with the grandfather to try and gain permission to teach Urlion.  We set a rendezvous, came back the next day, only to be told to return later because he had work.  The next day we return half way across the city where he lives, and were not able to meet with him again. But we aren’t giving in!  We left his family with a bunch of brochures about the family. So, task for this week - track down an old man and get permission to teach his grandson. (Note: what is old to a 19 year old missionary is not so old to the rest of us “old folks”.)  I’m sure we will find him and hopefully teach his grandson soon.  

This pattern of absent investigators has continued throughout our investigator pool. We are having difficulty actually seeing people. We set 7 rendezvous a day and realize about 3.  We have made some new plans to change that. Nonetheless, in one transfer I have already taught a total of 129 lessons. Yeah!  That's missionary work!  (A transfer is when a missionary is moved from one area to another. So, for Julius the MTC to Pointe Noire is 1.) But with all that teaching, my French is coming along great.  All the hours of study in the MTC are finally paying off! 

For my birthday (Aug 11th), I was able to stand in the circle for the confirmation of Jeanella!  My very first ever confirmation took place on my birthday, with a very strong member. I couldn’t think of a better person, place or day for that to occur. Also, we have two more baptisms this week. Steven and Djo. They are already just as strong as the members and are more than ready. Steven had his interview and is ready. Djo will be interviewed tonight. So this is looking like a good week as well! (Before Baptism, the investigator is interviewed with specific questions to ensure they understand their commitment to follow the commandments and to continue living those after baptism.)

This is a short email because I’m going to try and send pictures. So yeah, it’s been a great week. A little rough, but no one said missionary work would be easy. We are seeing fruits of our labor every day and every week. "The world has need of willing men, who wear the workers seal", so good thing there are members of the church everywhere! (This is the first line of the song, “Put Your Shoulder to The Wheel” There is a link to it in this blog on the 07-22-13 Post.)