Jul 19, 2013

07-18-13 They've Never Seen Him Do the "Cheese Grater" Dance!

Dear Brother and Sister Johnson and family,

We thought we should send you a short e-mail to once again express our appreciation for sharing your son with us.  We find him a bit shy and reserved but we find him very open if we initiate the conversation.  He seems to be happy, always a smile on his face.  You mentioned once that he likes to serve others.  We notice that he is always looking for ways to help others.  That is such an admirable personal quality.  We don't speak a lot of French and understand less when we hear it so we don't know how the French is coming.
We just see the smiling face, the clean appearance, the healthy strong young man that has a willingness to serve and share his testimony.  It doesn't get any better than that!
We so appreciate your prayers on our behalf.  We know they are answered daily.
We hope all is well in Colorado.
Love Elder and Sister Wheatley

I was sent this email from the senior couple serving to help the Mission President look over the young men in a small area. There are senior couples stationed in each city where missionaries are in Africa.  (In the LDS Church you can go on a mission as a youth or as a couple after your kids have grown).  I thought it would be fun to share this because if you know Julius well, or have seen him in at a dance or in a group of youth at any activity, he does not really seem reserved.  One time he shared with us a bunch of funny dance moves he does at he youth dances. He had our whole house laughing when he showed us the "cheese grater" dance that he actually does at public dances and he got us all to be silly and try it.  
Go ahead and try it - I know you want too - just pretend to continually grate a large block of cheese held in one hand to the grater in your other hand and do this with your arms stretched out in front of you.  Start doing some funky Elvis hip shake.  Now start bringing the one arm that is pretending to hold the cheese in a full circle down and around the back to the front again (like a side propeller) while keeping your arm stretched out. I think he learned it at BYU.  Either way - I can't help but laugh when tying it.